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- 2020 Certified Values Property Roll
- 2021 Certified Values Property Roll
- 2022 Certified Values Property Roll
- ShapeFiles - Geoparcels - Map-Tax-Lot Geometry with Situs, Ownership, etc. (Real Property and
  Manufactured Homes)

- ShapeFiles - Parcels - Map-Tax-Lot Geometry with Ownership Data (Real Property Accounts Only)
- Improvement Segments & Building Components(Asr_ImpSegs.csv)
- MH Structures Both in MH Parks and on Real Property (Asr_MH.csv)
- Land Segments for each Real Property account (Asr_LandSegs.csv)
- Assessor Map Tax Lot Images
- Certified All Property Values and Present Ownership Info(Asr_PropDump.csv)
- Sales Info Last 3 Years (Asr_Websales.csv)
- Free Demo - Examples of CSV files (Excel)

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Data Codes and Descriptions

          Database Download Codes

          (1) County Property Class Listing

          (2) County Neighborhood Codes

          (3) County Location Codes

          (4) County Land Table Codes

          (5) Improvement Type Codes w/descriptions

          (6) Improvement 'Segment' Type Codes w/descriptions

          (7) Improvement Attribute Code Descriptions

          (8) Sale Confirmation Codes Prior to 1-1-16

          (9) Sale Confirmation Codes after 1-1-16

Digital Mapping for Utility Companies(must use appropriate mapping software) NOTE! Projection for the Shape Files are in NAD83, Oregon State Plane South, also in Feet.
--------->Utility ShapeFiles(DBF format)
--------->Utility ShapeFiles(SHP format)
--------->Utility ShapeFiles(SHX format)

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